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Vigor and Grace
Vigor and Grace

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I hope you enjoy this collection of artworks that I have created over many years.  This body of work is only part of what I have done.  Many images are not shown due to the amount of work this website took to create, so I have shortened this collection to paintings I thought represented the greatest variety of work.  I also discovered that I am missing pictures of some of my pieces, so I may never see images of them again.  In light of this, I apologize to all my patrons whose paintings didn’t get included.  If time permits, I may yet get them added.

Most of the artworks shown in this collection are part of my patrons’ private collections.  A few are part of my personal collection. Most of these paintings are not for sale unless noted, so they are shown here for your enjoyment. They are all copyrighted and are not available for use by you or anyone else for any purpose unless you pay for their use and I grant you the right to use them.

Please respect my copyright.

For those of you who just can’t seem to respect my copyright, I have embedded Digimarcs as well as a copyright symbol plus my name which is flattened onto the image.  To all viewers, I apologize for the inconvenience of this copyright symbol which may at times appear to ruin the image, but piracy proliferates and this is one of the best cannons to foil the pirates.  The originals did not have this copyright on them.  Believe me, I agonized over how much this copyright symbol marred the beauty of these paintings, so I hope you can try to image how nice the paintings looked without the symbol.  I hope that in spite of this minor flaw that all of you can still enjoy that artwork.

If you are a business or organization interested in obtaining rights to use my artwork, contact me for pricing.

All Images and Content ©2014 Copyright Janet Tarjan Erl