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WHAT I DO: Whether my art intrigues people in a museum, enlivens employees and visitors in a corporation's lobby, or humbly fosters curiosity in a family's home, my purpose as a human is to make art that enriches people's lives no matter where it is seen.
WHY IT MATTERS: I believe that the power of every thought and action we have influences the outcome of our reality. With this in mind, my choice of what I create is very deliberate. My way of doing this is to paint subjects that inspire us to be inquisitive, to exalt us with beauty, and to let us revel at the miraculous. Nature is often my preferred subject because it is the ultimate masterpiece, an endless source of creativity and the ever unfolding mystery, but it not my only source of subject matter. I paint traditional art of amazing and beautiful things. If you are as curious as I am and you want to enrich other people's lives, as well as yourself, than show my art.
WHERE MY FINE ART EXHIBITS: My fine art exhibits around the world in private and corporate collections, galleries, art museums, and public art competitions. It is in the permanent collections of noted museums such as the Woodsen Art Museum, Tucson Museum of Art, and many more. In fact, my art has exhibited in over seventy exhibition venues including one person shows, group shows, and juried competitions in museums, arts organizations, and galleries. I have also received many awards for my watercolors and oils.
PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS: Signature Member of the National Watercolor Society, Signature Member of the American Society of Marine Artists.
PUBLICATIONS: American Artist, US Art, and Wildlife Art News.

This portfolio represents a large collection of paintings I've created and sold over the years. It does not represent all that I have painted. Many images are not shown due to the amount of work this website took to create or because I didn't have suitable photographs of the artworks. If time permits, I may one day get every artwork I created added.Most of the artworks shown are a retrospective collection of what I have done. A few paintings are for sale as noted in the thumbnails; however, most are part of my patrons’ private collections, museum collections, or my personal collection.

All Images and Content ©1980 - Present (2017) Copyright Janet Tarjan Erl