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My painting 'Long-billed Curlew' was featured in the September 2016 issue of Southwest Art. The article was a preview of the American Society of Marine Artists Exhibition.

I was featured in the September/October issue of Escapees magazine. I actually made the front cover! It was a nice article written by Sandra Haven about Escapee RVers and their creative, traveling endeavors. Just one small correction, however, I did not finish my fine art degree at U.C. Davis. as the article said. I went off traveling and painting when I was just shy (five weeks of schooling) of my degree and never went back to finish it.

Escapees Take Their Talent to the Road - Creativity on the Move, Escapees, September/October, 2016
Marine Artists Exhibition, Southwest Art, September, 2016
Landscape Wildlife Painter Opens PT Gallery, The Leader, June 1, 2016.
Artist’s Rendezvous, Herald and News, January 31, 2010.
The Gallery Hosts Erl, Siskiyou Daily News, January 31, 2008.
Springfest of Art, Herald and News, March 27, 2008.
Along the Wilderness Trail, Wildlife Art News, May/June 1992.
Artist Vignette, Wildlife Art News, May/June 1990.
The Watercolor Wonders of Janet Tarjan Erl, Siskiyou Times, Aug. 1, 1990.
Private Showings, US Art, April 1989. Painting in the Back Country - A Guide to Streamlining Your Art Gear, American Artist, October 1988.
Works of Art Capture Nature's Serenity, Siskiyou Daily News, Sept., 19, 1988.
Sacramento's Wildlife Parkway, Outdoor California, Sept./Oct. 1985.

American Artist Magazine October 1988 ~ Painting in the Backcountry by Janet Tarjan Erl.

Reprinted from the October, 1988 issue of American Artist magazine with permission from Interweave Press. Copyright © 1988 Interweave Press. All rights reserved. American Artist magazine link www.artistdaily.com

All Images and Content ©1980 - Present (2017) Copyright Janet Tarjan Erl